nino basso

Nino Basso designer
Nino Basso designer

An ecletic designer Basso was born in Spilimbergo in the north-east of Italy. He now lives and works in Florence. 
Basso's story in the world of design  began in the 1970s in Milan, where he attended the Polytechnich School of Industrial Design, serving an intership at the Norbert Linke graphic studio.


He then settled in Florence. In a caree-defining move, he joined Guccio Gucci, the international fashion and furnishings brand where for several years he worked as art director in the accessory and jewellery division. 


At Guccio Gucci, Basso focuses on the bond that links high craft objects in metalwork and leather, discovering new interests and new stimuli to explore further.


He designed and made jewellery and home furnishing accessories. Meticulous research enabled him to rediscvover many of the secrets of working the galuchat sharkskin popular during the art deco period, as he experimented and created new ranges of home and office  accessories.


After a period of industrial design, when he worked with a group of professionals on the ETR500 electric train project, Basso continued to cultivate his vocation  for art, research and experiment, constantly striving to find the distinctive signs of his inner soul in the shapes, colours and details of the world around him. 


Since 1991, Basso has been working closely with Design Center, for which he has created many new lines  and  Unique Art Objects.